Egg of 12 Panels Faberge 1899

Egg of 12 Panels as known as Egg with panels, is created as Alexander Kelch's gift to the spouse Varvara Kelch-Bazanova for Easter of 1899. For Christmas of 1933, it is presented by King George V the Queen Mary, in 1953 it is inherited by Queen Elizabeth II.

Egg of 12 Panels 1899
Egg of 12 Panels Faberge

Master ?

Stamp ?

Materials It is made of yellow gold, diamonds, transparent green enamel, and opaque white enamel.

The sizes Height: 9,5 see.

Technics of execution ?

Origin Alexander Kelch's gift to his wife, Varvara Kelch-Bazanova. In 1920 one of 6 Eggs Kelch sold, in Paris, La Viil Russi. In 1933 it is sold (possibly) to the buyer from England. For Christmas 1933, it is presented by King George V Queen Mary. 1953, it is inherited by Queen Elizabeth II.

Egg with panels Faberge

It is stored Queen Elizabeth II, London, Great Britain.

The top and bottom sections of Egg with panels, are divided into six groups, strips of opaque gold, decorated with ranks of pink roses from enamel, with gold stalks, and transparent green leaves. The strip of diamonds, surrounds Egg in its widest part. Everyone the top of egg is executed with concentric circles from brilliants from which the gold and green enameled leaves depart. At top the medallion is established, to B.T.K having the initials. under diamond; other end has similar, though a smaller medallion, showing date "1899". The surprise was lost.

Pay attention, on other eggs the Faberge created by the jeweler house, egg Resurrection or created for Varvara Kelch egg Bonbonniere.