Apple blossom egg Faberge 1901

Egg the Blossoming Apple-tree is given by Faberge's jewelers as Alexander Kelch's gift to the spouse Varvara Kelch for Easter of 1901. In November, 1996 it is sold at Sotheby's auction, to Mr. Peter Groop Vaduts, Liechtenstein.

egg Apple blossom 1901
egg Apple blossom Faberge

Master ?

Stamp ?

Materials It is made of nephrite, green and red gold, silver, diamonds, opaque pink and white enamel, a velvet.

The sizes Height: 11,5 see. Length: 14 see.

Apple blossom egg Faberge

Technics of execution ?

Origin Alexander Kelch's gift to his wife, Varvara Kelch-Bazanova. In 1920 one of 6 Eggs Kelch sold, in Paris, La Viil Russi. 1928, sold to the unknown buyer from the United States. 1928-1994 private collections, USA. 1994, it is sold Christie's auction, Geneva, to the anonymous Russian buyer. November 1996, it is sold at Sotheby's auction, Geneva, to Adolf Peter Groop Vaduts, Liechtenstein.

It is stored Collection of Mr. Peter Groop, Vaduz, Liechtenstein.

Egg the Blossoming apple-tree, is made of the cut-out nephrite which forms surprisingly thin polished body of egg. It costs on four cut-out gold feet molded as bent branches of an apple-tree. These branches, are executed in red and green gold, have gold leaves and flowers, with pink diamonds in the center. Egg was developed as a casket for jewelry; the surprise is lost.

Pay attention, to other egg created by Faberge's jeweler house for Varvara Kelch, Rocaille egg or egg which history is unknown Blue Enamel Ribbed Egg.