Basket of Wildflowers Egg Faberge 1901

Egg the Basket of wild flowers, a product of the jeweler house of Faberge, was Nikolay's II Gift to the wife, the empress Alexander Fiodorovna, for Easter of 1901. Since 1933 belongs to Royal family of Great Britain, to initially Queen Mary and it is inherited by Queen Elizabeth II.

Basket of Wildflowers egg
Basket of Wildflowers Faberge

Master ?

Stamp ?

Materials made of silver, iridescent and dark blue enamel, diamonds, green, gold, and opaque colored enamel flowers, diamonds.

The sizes Height: 23 see.

Basket of Wildflowers egg Faberge
Egg with a surprise Faberge

Technics of execution ?

Origin Nikolay II Alexander Fiodorovna's gift. In 1933 Egg the Basket of wild flowers was sold by the All-union Antiques association to the unrecorded buyer, possibly Emanuel Snouman, or Mikhail Norman. In 1933 it is acquired by Queen Mary, Great Britain. 1953, inherited by Queen Elizabeth II, Great Britain.

It is stored Queen Elizabeth II, UK

It is made in the form of a flower basket, the body of Egg is covered with iridescent enamel and captured by a gold lattice in diamonds. Date, 1901 as it is executed from gold and is decorated with diamonds an egg Leg - covered with dark blue enamel. The bouquet of wild flowers sits in a green gold moss from a thread. Flowers are made of gold and covered with various enamel, including pink, white, dark blue, orange and lilac. The basket has the gold handle decorated with diamonds.

Pay attention to others, jewelry of empresses, egg with hours the Cuckoo, or Peter the Great Egg created in honor of the Tsar, Peter the Great, the founder of St.-Petersburg.