Cherub with Chariot Egg Faberge 1888

Cherub with Chariot Egg 1888, it is created by Faberge for empress Maria Fyodorovna by Easter of 1888 as a gift from the husband. At present the position of egg isn't known, it is considered lost.

Cherub with Chariot Egg 1888

Master ?

Stamp ?

Materials Gold, sapphires, brilliants

The sizes ?

Technics of execution ?

Origin It is presented by emperor Alexander III to his wife to empress Maria Fyodorovna for Easter of 1888. The 1930th years - Victor and Armande Hammer.

It is stored ?

Unfortunately, it is one of the lost eggs. There is only its most superficial description: the sapphire cherub pulls a two-wheeled vehicle (probably overgilded silver) содержащюю gold egg among brilliants. Also it is known that it is one of the eggs presented by emperor Alexander to III his wife to empress Maria Fyodorovne, and that it has been made in St.-Petersburg. It is supposed that this egg has been taken out from Russia in 1930th years by Victor and Armand Hammer.

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