Clock Faberge egg 1903

Clock the Faberge Egg, 1903 is one of the eggs, the history of which is unknown. Currently stored in a private collection Moscow, Russia.

Clock egg 1903

Master Mikhail Perkhin

Stamp firms - Faberge, masters - M. P., and the cities of Sankt of Petersburg - the crossed anchors with a scepter.

Materials It is made from bowenite and silver.

The sizes Height: 6,5 see.

Clock egg Faberge

Technics of execution ?

Origin Gift? Auction Helios 2003 - the Private collection, Moscow, Russia.

It is stored Private collection, Moscow, Russia.

The body of egg is made from bowenite, on egg there are round clock with the roman figures which are framed with a silver wreath from which silver ornaments depart. Egg is established on three feet, as executed of silver.

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