Cradle with Garlands Egg Faberge 1907

Egg the Cradle with Garlands – is made by Faberge's jeweler house as the gift of the Emperor to the mother Maria Fiodorovna for easter of 1907. Since 1989 it is stored in Robert M. private collection Whether, USA.

Cradle with Garlands egg 1907

Master ?

Stamp ?

Materials Gold, transparent light blue and green enamel, iridescent enamel, diamonds, rubies, pearls, white onyx and silk. The surprise nowadays lost was is made of white enamel, a ruby, pearls, diamonds, a water color (it is possible on an ivory), gold is probable.

The sizes Height 14,6 see.

Technics of execution enamel, casting, engraving, holoserica, oil painting.

Origin Nikolay II gift of mother Maria Fedorovne. How Egg has arrived on the West, precisely isn't known, it is probable through Hammer's Galleries and their Russian communications. 1930 - unknown location. With 1962 in a private collection in the United States. 1989 it is sold in New York of Sotheby's from private American meeting to the anonymous American buyer.

It is stored Private Collection, Robert M. Lee, USA.

Gold Egg in style Lui XVI, enameled by transparent light blue enamel and it is decorated by a strip, the enamel made of painted roses and transparent emerald green enameled leaves, and bands of acanthus scrolls and gold in color. Egg is supported in a gold cradle by four columns. Columns are strengthened on the cut out oval white basis of onyx also it is established on four feet from color gold.

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