Cuckoo Egg Faberge 1900

Egg with hours the Cockerel, is created by Faberge for Nikolay's II gift of the mother, a widow empress Maria Fiodorovna, for Easter 1900. In 2004 it is bought by Victor Vekselberg, Moscow, Russia.

Egg with hours the Cuckoo
Cuckoo Egg 1900

Master Michael Perkhin

Stamp the company - "Faberge"; masters - "MP", St. Petersburg district Assay Control - a woman's head in a headdress with a sample of "56" and the initials of the district manager of Liapunov Ya "Yal".

Materials gold, transparent purple, green, purple and iridescent opaque white enamel, diamonds, rubies and pearls. Surprise Cock is made of gold and natural feathers.

The sizes Height: (open) 20.3 cm.

Technics of execution ?

Egg with hours Faberge
Egg with hours the Cuckoo Faberge

Origin Gift Nicholas II to Maria Fyodorovna on Easter 1900. 1927 sold Snouman Emanuel, London. sold them to Mrs. Isabella Lowe about 1949, re-purchased from her in 1953 also it is sold in 1970 Robert Smith from Washington, district of Columbia. It is sold at Christie's auction, Geneva, in 1973 Bernhardu K. Solomon from Los Angeles. 1985 - Forbes collection, New York. 2004 - Sotheby's, New York - Viktor Vekselberg collection, Moscow.

It is stored Viktor Vekselberg collection, Moscow.

The gold body enameled transparent violet enamel, it is supported by three harmonous pilasters, the dial is enameled by transparent white enamel, figures arabian are decorated by diamonds, above a dial an arch from foliage with diamonds and pearls. At blow of hour, there is a cock, shouts and waves wings.

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