Czarevich egg Faberge 1912

Egg Czarevich – is made by masters of firm of Faberge, as a gift of Emperor Nikolay II to the empress Alexander Fiodorovna, for Easter of 1912. In 1947 it is presented to a museum of the fine arts of Virginia, Richmond, the USA.

Czarevich egg 1912
Czarevich egg Faberge

Master ?

Stamp ?

Materials it is made of gold, lapis - azure, diamonds. The surprise is made of platinum, lapis - azure, diamonds and a water color on an ivory.

The sizes Height: 12,5 see.

Technics of execution ?

Egg with Faberge's surprise 1912

Origin Nikolay II Alexander Fiodorovna's gift In 1930 it is sold to Gallery Hammer, New York. 1933, it is bought Lillian Thomas Pratt. In 1947 the late Lillian Thomas Pratt's collection, is transferred in the Museum of the fine arts of Virginia, Richmond, the USA.

It is stored Museum of the fine arts of Virginia, Richmond, USA.

This egg of style of Louis XV was cut out from an excellent splinter lapis - azures and decorated with a gold pattern. Aleksandra Fiodorovna's monogram and year 1912 is visible under rectangular diamond the Surprise - the Russian two-headed Imperial eagle covered with 2000 diamonds, with a tiny portrait of Tsarevitch Alexey Nikolaevich on a breast of an eagle. The miniature isn't signed also comparison of beauty of Egg and poor quality of a miniature, assumes that painting of the original was lost and replaced with the existing.

Pay attention, on other eggs created for a family of the Emperor Faberge's jeweler house, one of the most expensive and beautiful eggs of an imperial collection Winter egg, and the last egg created practically without budget restriction egg Mosaic.