Hen egg Faberge 1885

Hen egg 1885, created by Faberge for the Emperor Alexander III as a gift to Empress Maria Fedorovna for Easter, 1885. Is stored in the collection of Victor Vekselberg, Russia, the city of Moscow.

Hen egg 1885
Egg Faberge 1885

Master ?

Stamp No

Materials Egg - the gold, opaque white enamel; a yolk - matte gold; a hen - color gold, rubies, suede; a crown - diamonds

The sizes Egg - 2 1/2 inches (6,4 cm); a yolk - 1 9/16 inches; a hen - 1 3/8 inches; (3,5 cm)

Faberge Egg hen 1885
The lost surprise from egg hen 1885 faberge

Technics of execution Enamel, engraving

Origin It is presented by emperor Alexander to III his wife to empress Maria Fyodorovne for passover of 1885. 1920 - it is sold to the dealer (certain mister Dereku) [?] in Paris or Berlin. Frederik Berry - on March, 15th, 1934 - Christie's auction - London, - Mr. Suenson-Taylor (Lord Grantchester). 1976 - A La Vieille Russie Inc., New York. 1978 - Forbes Magazine collection, New York. 2004 - Sotheby's, New York - Viktor Vekselberg collection, Moscow.

It is stored Viktor Vekselberg collection, Moscow.

Egg from gold is covered polished opaque white, simulating a shell, enamel; shutters keep on three bayonet locks. Inside – "yolk" of matte gold which, opening, Contains a figure of a chicken from color gold in a nest with a suede lining and the edges engraved on gold representing straw. The plumage is executed from alternating color gold, a head – from yellow, and a comb and ear rings – from red. All surfaces are carefully engraved, eyes are executed from rubies-cabochons. The case of a chicken opens by means of hidden at the tail-end of the hinge, on a paunch are engraved yellow gold of a pad. The chicken, in turn, contained other surprises (presumably imperial crown decorated with diamonds, And in it - a chain with two ruby яйцевидными coulombs), considered lost after sale of egg by Bolsheviks in 1920th years. In account 1885 egg cost is specified as 4 151 rouble.

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