The most known products firm Faberge's Easter eggs became created. From 1885 to 1917 seventy one product fifty four of which are a collection called «Faberge's imperial Easter eggs» were made. They were made by firm on the 1st in a year, for emperor Alexander III by Easter, as a gift to empress Maria Fyodorovna. «Hen egg» being the gold case covered outside with white enamel was the first product which was created by Peter Charles Faberge. The case was divided into 2 parts by a principle of a national Russian souvenir the Nested doll, inside there was a yolk made of gold, and the yolk contained a surprise a tiny gold chicken who in turn contained other surprises, an imperial crown, and in its chain with two pendents from a ruby.

Easter eggs Faberge

Egg made such success that Faberge's jeweler house became the official supplier of an imperial yard. The Emperor didn't know about idea of each product till delivery even, the unique demand, absence of repetitions was made to a gift. After death of emperor Alexander III, Faberge's firm adjusted release already two products in a year, for emperor Nikolay II, one for Maria Fiodorovna of mother of the emperor, and the second for Aleksandra Fiodorovna of his wife. Probably the most expensive and known in an imperial collection is egg Coronation, presented to the empress in honor of their crowning with Nikolay II.

Faberge's art to create ingenious works led to that products of firm enjoyed wide popularity, except a family of the emperor orders for such easter gifts at different times placed a number of private customers. 7 pieces were created by request of Alexander Ferdinandovich Kelkh during the period from 1898 to 1905 as a gift to wife Varvara Kelkh-Bazanova. Among other customers there are such known people as a family Rotshild, Alfred Nobel's nephew - Emmanuel Nobel, and Malboro duchess.

We suggest to visit an exhibition on which the fullest collection is collected. And Faberge's other works you will find Faberge's products, a photo of these works of art at us on a site.