Chanticleer egg Faberge 1904

Egg Shantekler is custom-made hours by jewelers of firm of Faberge Alexander Kelch, as a gift to wife Varvara Kelch-Bazanova for Easter of 1904. In 2004 it is acquired by Victor Vekselberg, Moscow, Russia.

Chanticleer egg 1904
Chanticleer egg Faberge

Master ?

Stamp signature in Russian Jacob Lyapunov (1899-1904), 59th standard of gold 14-carat.

Materials It is made of yellow, green and red gold, pearls, diamonds, transparent light blue, white and green enamel, silver.

The sizes Height: 27,7 see.

Technics of execution ?

Origin Alexander Kelch's gift to his wife, Varvara Kelch-Bazanova. In 1920 one of 6 Eggs Kelch sold, in Paris, La Viil Russi. In 1928 it is sold to the unknown buyer from the United States. 1949, Belonged to doctor Maurice Sandoz, Switzerland. In 1958 Collection of the late doctor Sandoz, is acquired La Viil Russi, New York. 1960-1966 collection Landsell K. Christie, New York. 1966, Forbes's Collection, New York. 2004. Victor Vekselberg, Moscow.

It is stored Victor Vekselberg, Moscow, Russia.

Hours, in the form of the Easter egg, are enameled in transparent dark blue color. The white dial is decorated with green and red garlands of berries and foliage, round the dial pearls ring. The egg top from pink gold, opens to show a surprise, the mechanical, brightly enameled Golden Cockerel decorated with diamonds. Each hour a cockerel crows and waves wings.

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