Mauve Enamel Egg Faberge 1897

Egg from Faberge's mauve enamel - Nikolay's II Gift to the mother Maria Fiodorovna for Easter 1897. Egg is considered lost, the surprise of egg is stored in Victor Vekselberg collection, Moscow, Russia.

Mauve Enamel egg
Mauve Enamel Faberge

Master ?

Stamp ?

Materials Egg has been possibly made of gold and Mauve enamel. The surprise is made of diamonds, strawberry red, green-white enamel, pearls and a water color on an ivory.

The sizes ?

Egg with a surprise of Faberge in 1897

Technics of execution ?

Origin Gift Nicholas II to his mother Maria Feodorovna on Easter 1897. Mauve Egg it is not mentioned in materials the confiscated Imperial property. It is supposed that Egg has been taken out to 1917, probably Maria Fedorovnoj directly. Surprise the egg has been sold at Christie's auction (Geneva) in 1978. Forbes collection, New York. 2004 - Sotheby's, New York - Viktor Vekselberg collection, Moscow.

It is stored Surprise - Victor Vekselberg's collection, Moscow, Russia.

Unfortunately egg is lost. The surprise - heart with date 1897 executed in diamonds also opens as a clover with three leaves, opening three miniatures, Nikolay II, Aleksandry Fedorovny and Great Duchess Olga.

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