Memory of Azov egg Faberge 1891

Memory of Azov egg it was created in 1891 by Faberge, as a gift of Emperor Alexander III to empress Maria Fyodorovna by Easter of 1891. Since 1927 Moscow, Russia is exhibited at the Armory Museum of the Moscow Kremlin.

Memory of Azov Egg 1891
Egg with the ship Faberge 1891

Master Michael Perkhin and Yuri Nikolai

Stamp Firms - "FABERGE"; masters - "M. P"; city Petersburg - two crossed anchors and a scepter about breakdown "72"

Materials Colored gold, platinum, silver, diamonds, rose cut diamonds, ruby, aquamarine, bloodstone, velvet.

The sizes length of eggs - 35 / 8 inch (9.3 sm) length of the model - 7.0 sm, height of the model - 4.0 sm.

Technics of execution Molding, stamping, engraving, stone carving.

Egg Faberge 1891

Origin It is presented by emperor Alexander to III his wife to empress Maria Fyodorovne for Easter of 1891. Received from the People's Commissariat of the Monetary Fund in 1927.

Egg with a surprise Faberge 1891

It is stored Collection of the Armory Museum of the Moscow Kremlin, Moscow, Russia.

Egg from a heliotrope with impregnations of red and dark blue color, two-piece, connected by the hinge, is decorated by an unprofitable pattern of gold stamping curls in style of the rococo covered with brilliants The Lock-button is decorated by a ruby and two brilliants. From within egg is laid out by a green velvet. Surprise eggs - an exact modeling copy of a cruiser "Memory of Azov", executed from red and yellow gold and platinum, with windows from brilliants of a facet a rose. Aft a cruiser a carved inscription: "Azov". The model is strengthened on a plate from aquamarine with the cut out relief waves which greenish-blue color simulates sea water. The plate has a gold frame with a loop with which help it is taken out from egg. By this armoured ship cesarevitch Nikolay Aleksandrovich (the future emperor Nikolay II) with the brother George Aleksandrovichem in 1890-1891 has made travel to the Far East through Mediterranean sea, Suez canal, with calling to Greece, Egypt, India, China and Japan. During his stay in Japan for the Crown Prince Nicholas was attacked Japanese samurai - a fanatic in Otsu, after which it by miracle remained is live, having received a serious wound of a head. Swimming has ended in Vladivostok where a cesarevitch and the successor of a throne has begun building of the Trans-Siberian railway.

Next year the Emperor has presented to the wife Diamond trellis egg, and the Clock egg.