Napoleonic egg Faberge 1912

Egg Napoleonic - is created by jewelers of firm of Faberge as a gift of Emperor Nikolay II to empress Maria Fiodorovna, for Easter of 1912. Since 1972 the New Orleans museum of art, to the USA belongs to Matilda Geddings Grey's fund.

Egg Napoleonic 1912

Master ?

Stamp ?

Materials it is made from yellow gold, transparent emerald green enamel, rubies, diamonds, a velvet and the atlas. The surprise is made of yellow gold, diamonds, platinum, transparent emerald green, and opaque white enamel, gouache on an ivory.

The sizes Height: 11,7 see.

Egg Napoleonic Faberge

Technics of execution ?

Origin Nikolay II Maria Fiodorovna's gift In 1930 was one of ten Eggs sold to Galleries Hammer, New York. 1951, belonged to Mathilde Heddings Grey, about Matilda Geddings Grey's 1972 foundation, the New Orleans Museum of Art, the USA.

It is stored Matilda Geddings Grey's foundation, the New Orleans Museum of Art, the USA.

Egg with Faberge's surprise 1912

Made for the Empress of Widow Maria Fiodorovna, Napoleonic Faberge's egg marks century of a victory of Russia over Napoleon's armies and in particular a victory to Borodino in 1812. The empress of the Widow Maria served as the honourable colonel for six regiments represented in a water color, and its monogram decorates a back part of each miniature These miniatures, signed Vasily Zuyev and are dated 1912, form the screen which cores are executed in the form of an axe, an aggressive emblem used from the Roman times. Two-headed eagles and trophies of battle decorate green Egg. At Egg top, under diamond, a crown and Maria Fiodorovna's monogram.

Pay attention, on other eggs created for a family of the Emperor Faberge's jeweler house, the Czarevich egg created in honor of the successor of a throne, tsarevitch Alexey, and Catherine the great egg created in memory of one of the greatest Russian Queens.