Nephrite Egg Faberge 1902

Egg Nephrite, a product of the jeweler house of Faberge, as the gift of Emperor Nikolay II to a widow empress Maria Fiodorovna, for easter 1902. At present the location of egg isn't known, it is possible is forever lost.

Nephrite Egg 1902

Master ?

Stamp ?

Materials Egg has been possibly made of a nephrite, gold, diamonds and probably water color on an ivory or nacre.

The sizes ?

Technics of execution ?

Origin Nikolay II Maria Fiodorovna's gift.

It is stored ?

Egg is lost. It is possible that a surprise from Nephrite Faberge's Egg it was shown in London in 1935. The exhibition catalog mentions "Alexander's III miniature in a frame from the nephrite, Great Duchess Xenia provided by her Imperial Majesty from Russia". Unfortunately no images remained.

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