Nobel ice egg Faberge 1914

Nobel ice egg of firm Faberge, is created for nephew Alfred Nobel - doctor Emmanuel Nobel, as a gift to one of friends. It is at present stored in one of private collections.

Nobel ice egg 1914
Nobel ice egg Faberge

Master ?

Stamp ?

Materials It is made of platinum, silver, transparent white enamel, pearls. Tiny clock are made of platinum, diamonds and rock crystal.

The sizes Height: 7 see. clock of height: 6 see.

Ice egg Faberge 1914

Technics of execution ?

Origin Gift of doctor Emmanuel Nobel to "friend" in 1914. Its site isn't known many years before it emerged in one of private collections, in 1994.

It is stored Private collection.

Ice egg was made for doctor Emmanuel Nobel, Alfred Nobel's nephew who based the Nobel Prize. At first sight, Ice Egg seems quite simple, but this impression is deceptive as the simple basis from opaque glass is covered with variable layers of the transparent and opaque white enamel, each layer separately painted and engraved to remind a frost. Result - ice shine which flickers as cold winter morning. Inside - the pendent of the hours, which dial is half hidden by snowflakes from rock crystal.

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