Pansy Egg Faberge 1899

Faberge's Pansies egg - Nikolay's II gift to the mother Maria Fiodorovna for Easter of 1899. Since 1947 Mathilde Heddings Grey, New Orleans, the State of Louisiana, the USA belongs.

Pansy Egg
Pansy - Faberge

Master ?

Stamp ?

Materials It is made of a nephrite, gold, diamonds, white, red, green and opaque violet enamel. The surprise is made of gold, diamonds, pearls, strawberry enamel, white enamel and nacre.

The sizes Height: 14,6 cm.

Technics of execution ?

Egg with a surprise Faberge of 1899

Origin Gift Nicholas II mothers Maria Fedorovne for Easter 1899 In 1930 it is sold to Gallery Hammer New York. 1947 - Matilda Geddings Gray, New Orleans, Louisiana. gift Mrs. Matilda Gray New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.

It is stored Mrs. Matilda Gray New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.

Egg costs on a sheaf of gold bent leaves, from what there are stalks five colors and five buds of pansies. The top part of Egg can be opened, to show a surprise heart-shaped an easel with eleven berries of wild strawberry the decorated personal monograms. By pressing the button all medallions open to show portraits of the Imperial family.

Look at others, jewelry of the empresses, made in the form of ancient French hours per Louis XVI style Clock or Madonna lily Egg, or egg Gatchina Palace containing tiny exact copy of the Gatchina Palace, residence of the Widow of the Emperor out of St.-Petersburg.