Peacock Egg Faberge 1908

Egg the Peacock - is created by Faberge's firm as the gift of the Emperor of the mother, Maria Fiodorovna, for easter of 1908. With the 1995 owner of egg Edward and Maurice Sandoz Fondation, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Peacock Egg 1908

Master ?

Stamp ?

Materials It is made of rock crystal and silver, gold. The surprise the Peacock is made of colour gold, colour enamel and jewels.

The sizes Height 19 see.

Technics of execution ?

Origin Nikolay II Maria Fedorovne's gift. 1927 was one of nine eggs sold by All-union association Antiques in Moscow to Emmanuel Snowman, Wartski, Londоn. 1935, Mr. Hirst belonged. 1949 It is sold to doctor Maurice Sandoz. About 1995 Fondation Edouard et Maurice Sandoz, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Peacock Egg Faberge

It is stored Fondation Edouard et Maurice Sandoz, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Two half of Egg - everyone with a heavy rim and engraved, one half Maria Fiodorovna's monogram another date, 1908. In the Egg, the enameled mechanical peacock from gold sits in branches of the engraved gold tree with colors in enamel and jewels. The peacock can be removed from a tree and is got. In the got condition the Peacock it is proud twists a head and from time to time opens a tail. Egg the Peacock wasn't often shown publicly. Only 5 times, last time in 1992.

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