Faberge's Scandinavian egg 1899-1903

The Scandinavian egg is created by masters of firm of Faberge, one of a number of eggs of chicken made the jeweler house. The customer and the first owner are unknown. In 2004 it is acquired at Sotheby's auction by Victor Vekselberg, the Link of times fund, Moscow, Russia.

Scandinavian egg

Master Mikhail Perkhin

Stamp ?

Materials it is made of transparent strawberry-red, white, opaque and yellow enamel, red, and green gold, suede. Gold chicken, is enameled in shades of brown color, with edges of white and gray flowers, and decorated with brilliants in the form of eyes of chicken.

The sizes Height: 7,4 see.

Technics of execution ?

Scandinavian egg Faberge

Origin Gift to the unknown. Egg was found in 1980, in the Oslo Bank safe, among Maria Kvisling jewelry. It is bought by Viktor Vekselberg, Moscow.

It is stored Viktor Vekselberg, Moscow, Russia.

This egg - one of a row of "Hen eggs", created by Faberge. Most known of them - Hen Egg of 1898, Varvara Kelch, very similar to this egg, but this egg, costs vertically and is decorated with brilliants. Other eggs of a row «Hen egg 1885» this Imperial Easter egg end "Lapis Lazuli Hen Egg".

Pay attention, on other eggs created by Faberge's jeweler house, one of the last Egg Evening or one of lost Rose Quartz Egg very similar to imperial egg a bouquet of lilies.