The Duchess of Malboro egg Faberge 1902

Egg hours of the Duchess of Malboro is created by Faberge's jeweler house by request of the duchess in 1902. In 2004 it is acquired at Sotheby's auction by Victor Vekselberg, the Link of times fund, Moscow, Russia.

egg clock Duchess of Malboro
egg Duchess of Malboro Faberge

Master Mikhail Perkhin

Stamp Faberge's brand, sample (1899-1904), and date "1902".

Materials it is made of gold of different flowers, diamonds, pearls and transparent rose-white enamel.

The sizes Height: 23,5 see.

Technics of execution ?

Origin In 1902 it is made by request of Malboro's Duchess. 1926 it is sold by auction to Jeanne Velska Polsha. 1965 Forbes's collection, New York. 2004 Sotheby's, New York - Victor Vekselberg, Moscow.

egg Pink with the serpent

It is stored Victor Vekselberg, Moscow.

This egg is made hours in the form of an Easter egg, enameled by transparent pink enamel. The dial with the Roman figures decorated with diamonds, is covered with white enamel, on dial borders pearls, egg top, is executed from gold of different flowers in the form of a flower bud. Covered with diamonds of a dragon twists egg, its language in the form of an arrow, specifies hour. Each party of a tripartite support, is enameled by transparent enamel of color an oyster. One party, contains the monogram from Konsuela diamonds, Malboro's Duchess, the second party, is decorated with a horn of plenty from gold of different flowers and the third party, with a gold symbol of love.

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