Trans-Siberian Railway Egg Faberge 1900

Egg the Trans-Siberian train as known as egg the Trans-Siberian Railway, is made by Faberge firm, as Nikolay II gift to the empress Alexander Fiodorovna, for easter 1900. After revolution it is stored in the Armory Museum of the Moscow Kremlin, Moscow, Russia.

Trans-Siberian Railway
Trans-Siberian Railway egg

Master Michael Perkhin

Stamp the company - "Faberge"; masters - "MP", St. Petersburg district Assay Control - a woman's head in a headdress with a sample of "56" and the initials of the district manager of Liapunov Ya "Yal".

Materials Gold, platinum, silver, diamonds, faceted rose, ruby, onyx, crystal, wood, silk, velvet.

The sizes Height with a support - 101/4 inches (26,0 see); length of a train - 155/8 inches (39,8 see); car height - 11/4 inches (2,6 see).

Trans-Siberian Railway Faberge

Technics of execution ?

Origin Gift of emperor Nikolay II to the empress Alexander Fedorovne for Easter of 1900 Has arrived from Currency fund Narkomfina in 1927.

It is stored The state museum of the Moscow Kremlin, No MP-646/1-3, Moscow.

Egg with a cover on the hinge is executed from silver, in an average part it is decorated by the engraved image of a card of the Russian state with the Trans-Siberian highway and an inscription "the GREAT IRON WAY By 1900". In egg the working model of the train consisting of a steam locomotive and five cars. On the first the inscription is engraved: "the DIRECT SIBERIAN MESSAGE", on the second, the third and the fourth - "FOR LADIES", "FOR SMOKERS", "FOR NON-SMOKING", on the second - "the second class", "24 PLACES", on the third and the fourth - "the first class", "18 PLACES". The fifth car is intended for church. The model mechanism is got by a gold key. This Easter egg - the characteristic sample of a memorable gift product, created in firm in honor of important historical event - buildings of the Trans-Siberian highway, inspired by emperor Alexander III and Nikolay II continued in reign. The road has connected the European and Asian parts of Russia, the largest industrial cities to military port Vladivostok that has impulsed to intensive development of extensive Siberian suburb.

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